Chandeliers are another great way to add a touch of soothing ambiance to your event. They bring beauty, style and serious elegance. Use them indoors or outdoors to beautifully accent your ceremony, pre-function cocktails or reception.



Dance Floors

A unique approach to a dance floor area is to have LEDs wash the area and pulsate and change color with the musical beats. This type of lighting is meant to enhance the excitement and feeling when its time to dance.



LED Lighting

One of the most versatile lights, LEDs can put a splash of color on your event!  Our LED lights span the entire spectrum of color from soft pinks and light blues to deep purples and warm amber.  Up-Lighting can wash the walls in color.  Ceiling washes can transform a space to make it feel like you’re in another time and place.  Down-Lighting can be a fresh new way to wash walls.  LEDs can also be a great way to accent specific architectural details at your venue.



Lighting Transformations

Enjoy this Lighting Transformation gallery of before and after photos demonstrating how adding lighting can transform an average event space into an amazing space!



String Lighting

With varying styles to choose from, we have the right fit for your String Lighting needs.  Our Vintage Strand Lights have a black cord and larger bulbs.  At 100’ long, they can cover large areas when needed.  Havana Lights have a green cord and smaller, round bulbs.  They are the ideal style of strand lights for smaller spaces or for use with draping for added effect.  Twinkle lights are the style you would typically find on a Christmas tree or house decoration.  The tiny bulbs make it the ideal fit for putting in trees or shrubbery.



Specialty Lighting

Make your event even more unique with the addition of specialty lighting!  Aqua splashes can make a water or fire effect with a wide range of colors. When mixed with certain lighting options, a fog machine can create a whole new effect that makes your lighting even more dynamic!  With the pace at which the lighting industry is always changing, we at MOSAIC are constantly shaping new ideas and incorporating them into unique events.

Gobo images can be projected on any flat surface.  With a wide range of colors and stock gobo images, there’s a good chance that we already have something that would work perfectly for your event.  If a custom gobo image is needed, such as a company logo or monogram, we can design a few different options for you to choose from.



Task Lighting & Pin Spotting

Often overlooked, task lighting/pin spotting, is a great addition to your event lighting. We provide pin spotting of cakes, centerpieces, and other feature pieces. Utilizing a variety of beam angles, mounting techniques, and the latest lighting technology – we are able to highlight what is normally overlooked!



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